450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


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Stable and flexible solution for point to point or multipoint wireless connection at outdoor

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450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE is useful tool to set up reliable wireless Ethernet network connection that requires long distance transmission range easily.

Using the Wireless Network Bridge pair in the applications at outdoor harsh environment where are hard to access network to get high speed and safe network with a long distance WiFi coverage via very convenient installation.

450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE are commonly used in extending network transmission range by building smooth point to point or point to multipoint wireless communication to provide network for remoter IP devices deployment, such IP camera, wireless access point, VoIP phones, remote printers etc. The device makes great use on solving the difficulty and complexity for wire and network cabling deployment, saving plenty of cost and time.

With waterproof and weatherproof design and certified IP65 protection, stable wireless connection with a data-rate up to 450Mbps within 1KM transmission range can be established by setting up the wireless network bridge pair even under outdoor harsh environment, offering flexibility in building wide wireless network coverage for all possible applications.

Moreover, 450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE also offers plug and play connection and you can match the wavelength of each bridge easily by only pressing the single button, without complicate configuration on web. Besides, intuitive signal strength indication help you know the real status of the WiFi signal for effective installation.

Moreover, it comes with maximum security and compatibility with built-in encryption WEP, WPA, TKIP/AES and IEEE802.1x.

  •   * The table list shown here is for your reference only. The actual performance should be related to your enviornment.

  • + How it works

    450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


    450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


    450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


    450Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE


    Outdoor Waterproof PoE Pass Through Switch


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    + Benefits

    • Meet long distance WiFi coverage demand
    • Point to Point or Multipoint wireless communication
    • Easy installation
    • IP65 Waterproof protection
    • Dustproof and weatherproof design
    • High security and compatibility
    • DC 24V PoE power
    • Low power consumption

    + FAQ

    • Q:Is it possible to have one as access point and two as bridge clients in a multipoint network?
    • A: Yes, You can turn on the access point or turn off to hide the access point while both pair working as bridge. You can access internet with this hot spot while it has been turned on.

    • Q:Do they need to be in clear view of each other? or can i have a building in between devices?
    • A:The devices should have as little in the way of each other as possible. The devices perform the best when there are no obstructions. Putting a cement wall between them won’t work.

    • Q:how much power does this use?
    • A:24VDC PoE or DC12V 1A. You can either power the device either through RJ45 port with 12VDC PoE or DC12V terminator.

    • Q:Can i use cat 5 to set this up?
    • A:Yes. You have to configure your PC computer to same sub net. Actually, there is no need to get PC or other involved if you just want to set up bridge. The push button can adjust the channel and make them pairing easily.

    • Q:Can you stop people from stealing your internet without your permission with this?
    • A:Yes. It can be encrypted and invisible SSID. You can even hide the access point by turning off the WiFi hot spot.

    • Q:Does this device give it’s own ip to the computers connected ? or does it use the ip of the main router?
    • A: Yes, The devices can be discovered with broadcast IP address You can either access the web browser by using the cable connection or the WiFi access point of the device. The device has building routing. Your actual devices running between the bridge doesn’t have to use the same IP sub net as the device itself which means whatever your IP devices such like the IP cameras still can use sub net.

    • Q:Does it come with the Ethernet cable?
    • A:It only comes with short patch code (1 meter).

    • Q:Does it handle multiple vlans? Does it trunk everything?
    • A: No, it doesn’t support multiple VLANs, it truck everything to another side.

    • Question:Can this product work through windows?
    • A: Yes. The windows doesn’t block the signal.

    • Q:Can you power this device from a standard POE port, not using the injector?
    • A: No, this device only supports 24VDC no standard PoE. It doesn’t work with IEEE802.3af/at PoE standard which adopts DC48V as power source.

    + What is included

    • 1. wireless Ethernet bridge * 2
    • 2.1 meter cat5e patch cord
    • 3. 24V PoE injector *2
    • 4. User Guide

    + Resource

    Installation Video

    Do you have any questions or concerns?

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