Fiber Optical Network with PoE

Optical fiber cable provides long distance, high speed, and low latency network connection. Moreover, the plastic fibers are free from spikes in the environment. Besides, the optical fiber signal is difficult to be hacked. Basically, it is the light that is transmitted through the cable. Most optical fiber cables can carry a network at 1 Gbps up to 10 Gbps in couples of or dozens ofkilometers. Whereas, the copper network requires a high-quality Category 7 Ethernet cable to carry a 10G network over a range of 100 meters (328 feet).

An optical fiber cable can carry large data volume without any specific requirements, but attaching a connector to a fiber optic cable is a challenge. RJ45 copper spacer can be easily done with crimping tools as long as the twisted sequence of wires matches both sides. The optical fiber connector needs seasoning tools and technical skills to align two spacer together. Small deviations, even dust on the surface may change signal. It is a time consuming process to season the entry-level optical fiber separator. Here, Fastcabling developed prefabricated fiber optic cable to simplify the fiber optic cable wiring. The connector was attached and 100% tested in the factory before sending out. What you need to do is pull the cable to specific location and finish the plug and play job.

Each optical fiber cable has two strands that can provide two independent optical fiber connectors if a BiDi SFP module is used. Pulling eyes are added to the pigtail, and they are used to protect the connector and pigtail from damage and relieve stress during the cable pulling process. Moreover, the pigtail is being armored, so it will not be damaged easily while using the cable.

We know that there are different requirements along the fiber optic cable in practical installation. The IP68 waterproof coupling allows you to tie the optical fiber cable of various lengths together for a custom length of the cable in total. In this way, the pigtail is not only armored, but also protected by a PE jacket, which comes with excellent water resistance after two optical fiber cables are joined together. 100-300-500 pre-terminated fiber optic cable is available, and you can choose from a different range.

To connect point A and point B to the optical fiber cable, you need a media converter to convert the optical signal and the digital signal to the devices on both sides. The SPF module needs to be inserted into the SFP slot of the media adapter. In fact, the SFP module is similar to a micro SD card slot that requires a micro SD card to be installed. If the PoE switch has built-in optical fiber slot, it can save the media converter at its side. The SFP module will be installed in the SFP slot in the PoE switch. Do you have a question or inquiry? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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