Wireless LAN

While the network is unavailable and long distance cables difficult to connect, WLAN is a fair solution to expanding Ethernet access. One of the typical wireless LANs is network bridge communication. Require two bridges point to each other to form an efficient network tunnel. In addition, there should be a straight sight without major obstacles between the two bridges.

Fastcabling has developed the easy-to-use wireless network bridge. With this, there is no need to access bridge software to pair bridges. You only need to switch the dip switch, and two bridges can be paired and form the wireless network tunnel. The bridge is based on an isolated network configuration. It is not necessary to mix your network bridge network. It is simply the network link from Point A to Point B for your existing IP devices. The maximum distance between two bridges is 3 kilometers in the open area.

The network bridge has two RJ45 Ethernet ports that allow two sides IP devices to be connected and forward their data over wireless. If there are multiple network devices, adding an external PoE switch to collect the signal is a great option rather than spreading multiple bridges at the edges.

The 900M network bridge has built-in access points that can provide Wi-Fi at the edge. Working with this model, you can extend the Wi-Fi over long distances.

Network bridges still need power supply. When the power source is not available then the solar panel power system comes into operation. The bridge consumes about 220mA. A 60W plus 30AH battery can provide a 24/7 outdoor wireless network in the open area.