PoE Networking

Fastcabling has introduced the visual PoE switch which displays the status of the connected device on the LCD directly. There is no need to delve into the web browser and console to find out this basic information for better management. It is an intuitive way to see real-time status of a PoE network system. Moreover, the visual POE serves up to 60 watts of extremely high power from specific ports to satisfy some power-hungry devices such as an infrared PTZ camera, an external PoE extender, and a PoE power switch.

PoE watchdog function is designed for IP camera system and access point. There are devices that are designed to work 24/7. Over time, buffering overflow can lead to system failure built into these devices. PoE watchdog will detect data from these IP devices, if there is no data in specified period, PoE switch can power off automatically, then return it after a short period in order to force end devices to restart. It reduces the time and effort to manage and maintain the entire system all the time.

PoE network is limited to 100 meters (328 feet) based on IEEE802.3 standard. Fastcabling has developed several PoE extension solutions to repeat the network beyond 100 meters. Standard PoE Expander can extend PoE network up to 500m using 4 connected extenders.800m high PoE switch can provide 800m PoE without any active devices involved. It is the most reliable solution for ultra long distance PoE.POE Media Converter takes advantage of optical fiber cable and combines with traditional PoE technology.

The deployment of the outdoor grid is always the challenge, not only is the water resistance, but also the temperature and elevation in the environment may damage the network devices. Fastcabling has developed IP68 waterproof PoE switch and PoE extender which can be buried directly underground. Industrial grade products allow the equipment to operate under a wide temperature range. The surge protector is designed to protect PoE devices and reduce the possibility of damage from a built-in surge protector.