The Wide Coverage PoE Extension

PoE technology provides great value for installing low voltage IP devices such as IP Camera, Access Point, and VoIP. In this way, the power of the entire system is concentrated in the switch, because a single Ethernet cable can transfer power and data to the peripheral devices. While PoE transmission is limited to 100 meters (328 feet) based on IEEE802.3 standard, the challenge of expanding the PoE network is to cover a larger area.

To solve this problem, Fastcabling has developed a PoE powered solution that can rapidly scale your network. More and more IoT devices are being introduced and these devices require additional network access ports. Fastcabling PoE solution lets you expand PoE power 7 times through a single Ethernet cable.

The latest IEEE802.3bt PoE standard makes the PoE relay become meaningful. 4 twisted pair was taken to send both power and data to a PoE powered switch. Maximum power output of each port is up to 95 watts. The remaining power is still 71 watts after 100 meters transmission which is good enough for many PoE IP devices. The remaining force will pass through the middle switch and reach the advanced hardware.

The simpler solution is a PoE 95W injector that works with a PoE powered switch.

In the middle, PoE will be injected into the Ethernet cable and sent to the PoE powered switch. There are different types of PoE powered switch. You can either choose 2 ports, 4 ports, and 7 PoE passthrough switch. If there are multiple points in a similar situation that require this solution, what you need to do is add an additional PoE injector to the central master switch. It is an independent and transparent device for your existing network, that is to say in the event of any breakdown, you only need to replace the PoE injector.

The second solution is the 90W PoE Switch and the 60W PoE Switch.

Power is integrated into the transformer. Some PoE ports are capable of 90 / 60W high power PoE output. Both power and data fuse to the switch in the center. The 16 port 60W PoE Switch is capable of spanning 112 RJ45 ports from the edge. It simplifies network deployment and covers more area. Now what you need to do is wiring. Power will be supplied from the central master switch and passed through the front-end PoE powered switch and access to the edge devices.

Last but not least, it is a PoE-powered solution can reuse your existing Ethernet cable.

If Ethernet cable is deployed, and needs additional PoE ports for new IoT devices, this solution will expand the RJ45 ports without plugging in the additional cable, saving time to shut down businesses. Do you have a question or inquiry? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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