Hardened Grade Outdoor PoE

You may have encountered an issue that IP devices have a higher defect rate in the external application. That’s because the outdoors generally means a harsh work environment. There are three main issues that must be addressed at outdoor applications-temperature, water, and surge damage.

The temperature can rise sharply when the sun cooks the appliance in summer, while it gets very low in the winter. This may happen to some devices such as a commercial PoE switch generally designed for rack and indoor use with AC current control at the center. Hence, you will need to choose industrial grade products that can operate under a wide operating temperature range.

FASTCABLING has developed multiple products to deal with these issue at the harsh environment outdoor deployment. We have PoE devices are specially designed for outdoor use.

Even hanging up or burying an IP device underground, you will need to ensure that water does not seep back into the PCB board. The connector is one thing that can commonly be overlooked. If the connector is exposed, it will become rusty and result in poor contact between the copper. Products can pass IP67 up to the IP68 waterproof rating supposed to be a good outdoor solution.

Last but not least, it is surge damage. The surges are not equal to lightning strikes. It is something that is present in the environment and the copper cable can absorb it and return to the edge devices or the main network. Thus devices come with a large surge protection that should be used. Or, a surge protector is a great tool that reduces the possibility of surge failure.

FASTCABLING has developed multiple products to deal with the deployment problem in the harsh outdoor environment. We have PoE devices specially designed for outdoor use.

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