Long Distance PoE Networking

PoE (Power over Ethernet) enables us to use a single Ethernet cable to deliver both power and data to IP terminals such as IP camera, access point, VoIP phone, etc. It makes installation easier. PoE is limited to 100 meters (328 feet). To solve this problem, Fastcabling has developed a long-distance PoE solution that is able to transmit both power and data beyond 100 meters without breaking the IEEE802.3 standard. There are common PoE extension, 800 meters of PoE and PoE switching media available. Some people asked if these PoE extension solutions work with non-PoE devices. The answer is positive. There is a connection between the power supply and the flange device. If the power supply detects that the edge device is incompatible with corresponding PoE standard, the power supply device will only provide the data link.

Daisy chain PoE extenders up to 500 meters

The data boost chips built into the PoE extender will repeat the network signal, and the remaining power will be forwarded to the next PoE extender or edge IP devices. Single PoE extender offers 100m PoE Network extension . Daisy chain a maximum of 4 PoE extenders to get up to 500 meters PoE.

Waterproof PoE Extender

Economic and reliable device to help PoE transmit over 100m

Direct-burial PoE Extender

PoE extension tool supports 500m daisy chain setup

800 meters Ultra PoE Switch

The PoE switch has an Ultra PoE Network chipset that can transmit data up to 300 meters at 100 Mbps and up to 800 meters at 10 Mbps. Long Distance PoE transformer will be required in edge device. A PoE switch can send 800m of PoE, but your edge device requires a switch to send a signal back to the PoE Switch. The challenge can be as simple as the Ethernet cable. The 800m Ethernet cable is hard to find. We developed the IP68 waterproof coupler to connect two units of Ethernet cable. No active electronic devices located within 800 meters, it only uses cable to provide the most reliable solution to PoE network over very long distance.

4 port 800m PoE Switch

Make 800m long range PoE transmission possible

8 port 800m PoE Switch

Make 800m long range PoE transmission possible

Optical Fiber Cable PoE Solution

Optical fiber cable provides long distance, high speed, and low latency network connection. It is easy to extend the 10 Gbps network up to several kilometers. Combined with PoE power supply equipment at the edge, you can take advantage of both optical fiber cable and Power over Ethernet technology. Prefabricated fiber optic cable was developed to provide the problem of fibres splicing  and connector attaching. It is an easy and convenient solution for PoE optical fiber. Additionally, a qualified solar power system is an ideal solution while the power supply is not available in the edge area.

Fiber PoE Converter

Allow you to utilize fiber optic link with PoE capacity

Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable

Finish fiber optic link in an easy and money-saving way

SFP Module

Provide your mutiple choices on distance and data rate

The next generation of 95W POE extension

The IEEE802.3bt PoE standard was prevalent in these years. The new PoE standard can produce 95 watts of high power for power-hungry devices. Fastcabling released the first high power expansion solution on the market, which can repeat 95W PoE and support 45W residual power at 200m point. Do you have a question or inquiry? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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