Using the display screen

Once the visual PoE switch is powered up, the LCD screen will display the relative information of PoE ports. If there’s no operation over 10 minutes on the LCD screen, it will be turned off automatically to save power. Press any of the button around the LCD display, the screen will be re-activated again.

1. Operating with Button Key

Menu- Press and hold the Menu button for 5 seconds, The switch menu will appear in the LCD display screen.

Enter- Press Enter button to confirm the selecting in the menu

Back- Press Back button to return previous screen

Up- Press Up button to select previous option in the menu

Down- Press Down button to select next option in the menu

2. Read the port status information

The first column indicates the port number. If the visual PoE switch has more than 12 PoE ports, you will need to press up/down button to see the port status after 12th port in the next screen.

The second column indicates the power of the relative ports sending to your IP device.

The third column indicates the data receiving by the switch.

The four columns indicate the data sending out from the switch.

3. Enter the Menu

Press and hold the Menu button for more than 5 seconds and you will be taken to a new screen with menu.

Now you can manage all the PoE functions by using the five buttons (Menu-Enter-Back-Up-Down) around the screen.