RS232/422/485 Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server


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Make serial devices to be remotely managed over Ethernet network

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Convert Serial Data to Ethernet Signals

A Serial-to-Ethernet device server is designed to connect serial devices such as PLCs, printers, barcode scanners, sensors or other devices with RS-232/422/485 interfaces to a local area network (LAN). By converting the serial signals to TCP/IP packets, or vice versa, you can easily connect and control multiple serial devices via Ethernet, which helps facilitate remote access, real-time monitoring and overall network flexibility. Moreover, the Serial-to-Ethernet converter can be used with a 4-port RS-485 hub to manage multiple serial devices simultaneously.

Serial-to-Ethernet Conversion

Convert serial data into Ethernet signals for transmission over a LAN or the Internet, and vice versa.

Remote Management

Support web-based management to configure the server’s settings remotely via PLC or computer.

Operation Modes

Support a variety of working modes, including Modbus TCP, TCP/IP Socket, UDP and Virtual COM.

Power Redundancy

Adopt dual DC inputs to improve operational stability and accept a wide input voltage range of 9-30V.

Industrial Design

Built-in 600W surge protection, 4kV ESD protection, circuit protection, working temperature -20℃ to 60℃.

Flexible Setup

Rugged aluminum housing with DIN-Rail/wall mount for use in industrial automation, access control, etc.


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