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Diagram how it works

Unmanaged PoE+ Switch is a flexible device to transmit adequate power and safe reliable network for HD IP surveillance.

Setting the compact size switch at any place where requires multi-points IP powered devices deployment via simple and fast installation. There’s no need for dedicated AC outlets and extra wire cable, saving money and eliminating tangled cable management.

The PoE switch is designed with PoE ports for supply power and 10/100Mbps Ethernet network, which is the ideal choice for IP surveillance, VoIP phone and wireless service providers on a small scale deployment, such as leading home, SOHO and Workgroup, providing high performance network and stable transmission as well as safe operation.

It has two uplink ports, beside connect to Internet, there is an extra port used to connect to NVR.

PoE connection via single Ethernet cable saves cost and time on wire cabling, which allows the users finish installation with simple plug and play. It’s perfect for IP devices that place at the point where is hard to find AC outlet or unreachable, such as wall ceiling.

Compliant with PoE+/PoE, the switch supplies up to 30 Watts per port and automatically detects PoE devices and their power class to simplify your infrastructure.

It has build in watch-dog to reduce administrator management burden. Once remote devices are hangs or freezes, that means the PD stops working and it is without response, auto power reset will reboot devices by switch off the power and switch on after automatically.

The switch features surge protection and carrier grade electrical protection to protect from various power surges.