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Diagram how it works

95W PoE splitter is an industrial-grade device that transmits and separates data and power for high power non-PoE devices in the IP system over an UTP cable.

To deal with high power and network supplying for IP powered devices at outdoor harsh environment. Working with IEEE 802.3bt compliant PSE and PDs, the whole system will provide 60W-72W remaining power, and there is no need for AC power supply, reducing costs and simplifying installation.

The Fastcabling 95W PoE splitter is an Industrial-grade device to deliver both the Ethernet data and PoE power from Ultra PoE PSE. It enables to deliver a high power output to non-PoE devices, such as POS, AIO (All-in-One) touch PC and thin-client, digital signage and display tablet, PTZ speed dome and the network devices that need a higher power to work normally. This splitter is also backward compatible with PoE IEEE802.3af/at that suits for low power consumption IP devices such as fixed IP camera, access point.

PoE splitter can create an integrated PoE and non-PoE Gigabit network. There is no need to buy an expensive PoE switch or install electrical wiring and outlets in hard to reach locations. It is transparent to the network protocols and Mac address. Simple plug and play make both power and data are transmitted through the PoE splitter, then it splits the combined data and power stream into two separate cords for various high power non-PoE applications, and 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connection can be accessed.

Moreover, it is highly reliable design for outdoor harsh environment with -40℃ to 75℃ wide range operating temperature, providing carrier grade surge protection. Wall mount design provides installation flexibility.