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PoE Powered Switch is a powerful device with high power budget to receive power and data from back-end PSE (PoE switch or PoE injector) and pass through to edge IP devices.

Expanding network ports for multiple IP-powered devices in an easy way. Working with Fastcabling 5720-74 PoE injector or 5543-60 PoE switch, the whole system will provide 71W remaining power. This switch is designed to supply PoE for IP devices deployed in the field where the power source is difficult to acquire.

The PoE data-in port in the switch receives the power and data from another PSE (PoE switch or PoE injector), which delivers high power budget to meet different demands over a Single Ethernet cable, and then pass-through switch expands up to network ports with PoE and gigabit switching capacity, supplying multiple IP devices. The PoE port complies with IEEE802.3at (PoE+) standard. Each PoE port is capable of output maximum power up to 30W.

The switch allows you to expand network access in a rational quantity, saving unnecessary cost, meanwhile repeats the network capability for another 100 meters. No requirement of AC outlet is ideal for wire-constrained application, dealing with the case while the power source is not presented in the field.

The PoE switch is in a compact size but high power budget as well as a quiet fanless, natural cooling design. It is an ideal solution for space-constrained places. With a plug-and-play PoE design, the installation is easy and fast.