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5.2 Long distance PoE IP camera

The standard PoE switch is limited to 100 meters. Some of the IP camera installation spots could be far away from 100 meters. The 800 meters PoE switch present new solution to extend the PoE for IP camera. The power budget about 26W at 300 meters which is enough to power the infrared PTZ camera and 23W at 500 meters.

The advantage of the 800m PoE switch is there is no activated device between the PoE switch and the PiE edge device. Unlike the PoE extender, you will need to daisy chain the extender in every 100 meters. It still could compromise the use life of the PoE extender, especially while you need to bury the link underground.

There is a PoE adapter that needs to be installed at each ultra long distance link. Even the PoE switch can send 800 meters, your edge device requires a PoE adapter to return the data.

If there is more than one PoE port requires, you can even add the PoE powered switch at the edge to expand the PoE port. However, power consumption needs to be addressed. If the power consumption is larger than the PoE power plus PoE power loss inline, the whole system will not work properly.

The PoE NVR can be connected to the uplink port of the PoE switch. If what you have is the PoE NVR, the other IP camera channel still can go to the NVR, only the ultra long distance point will have to go to the 800M PoE switch and return to the NVR.

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