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5.1 800 Burial PoE Power system

Generally, there are two ways to wire the Ethernet cable. We either can bury the cable underground or put it up. The power over ethernet is limited to 326 ft (100 meters). The PoE extender is the typical solution to repeat the PoE without breaking the IEEE802.3 standard. Each PoE extender can be chained to the network and repeat another 100 meters. For example, two PoE extender daisy chains achieve 300 meters. While we need to bury the Ethernet cable, we will have to bury it together with the PoE extender. Even the PoE extender doesn’t need an external power supply unit, but it is still the activated device. What if we can just extend the PoE network up to 800 meters and only need to bury the cable without any activated device underground. The Fastcabling 800M PoE switch delivers the solution.

800M 4 Port Long Range PoE+ Switch
800M 8-Port Long Range PoE+ Switch

The 800M PoE switch works very similarly to the standard PoE switch, but it can reach 500 meters in 100mbps and 10mbps after 500 meters. The other thing is you will have to add a PoE adapter before your edge devices. In order words, you have only the cable between the PoE switch and the edge device. The maximum distance is 800 meters.

It is important to know the PoE edge device should be an IEEE802.3 af/at/bt compatible device, which means your edge device should be standard POE equipment. If the edge device is non-PoE equipment, you will have to add a PoE splitter to help the PoE system complete the power handshake. In the IEEE802.3af/at/bt, the PoE switch will send a small current to detect whether the edge device is standard PoE or not. If the edge device is non-PoE, the PoE switch will refuse to release the power.

Power loss is another thing you may need to consider in ultra long distance PoE power system. There is always power loss inline. The longer the cable, the more power loss will be. The PoE system doesn’t boost up the power, technically, we can’t boost up the power. The power loss inline plus the remaining power at the edge equal to the total PoE power.

If there is too much power loss inline, you may don’t have enough power to supply your edge device. Picking the pure copper Ethernet cable is critical. The Copper clad aluminum (CCA) cable offers a cost-effective replacement for solid copper cable, but with much higher DC resistance than copper, It will cause higher power loss inline and convert to the heat. The consequence is you may don’t have enough power at the edge.

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