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3.1 PoE Powered Switch

The 800M PoE switch can deliver 100mbps within 500 meters. It is a little bit of waste if there are single IP devices is using the network link. You can add PoE powered switch at the edge to create more Ethernet ports for other IP devices.

Two things you need to consider while you are trying to expand the RJ45 ports at the edge.

1.  The remaining POE power budget is about 23W at 500 meters. If the total power consumption of your PoE IP devices adds up and needs more than 23W. It will cause the switch to keep rebooting.

2.  Some of the PoE Powered switches accept external power rather than PoE power. However, once the PoE powered switch receives the external power input, it will become a regular PoE switch, and the ultra-long PoE System will not work, because it requires the edge device is IEEE802.3af/at compatible equipment. One of the possible solutions is you can add an outdoor PoE splitter at the edge to complete the power handshake.

Please follow the instruction to make the connection.

1.  Plug the one end of the Ethernet cable into the PoE port which is labeled with a green number.

2.  Connect the other end to the input port of the PoE adapter.

3.  Use the short patch cord to link the PoE output of the PoE adapter to the PoE input port of your PoE-powered switch.

You should see all the indicators light up ad only the power indicator maintains ON after a while. Now you can connect the PoE devices to PoE powered switch. If the total power consumption is more than the PoE system can supply, it will cause the PoE powered switch to reboot, you should dis-connect some PoE edge devices and consider other power solutions at the edge.

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