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2.3 PoE & LAN

The 800M POE switch provides power and data to the edge devices through a single Ethernet cable. Parts of the ports supply ultra long-distance PoE after working with the POE adapter  5540-75 at the edge. Model 6320-24 has 4 ports and 6320-48 has 2 ports that are equipped with ultra-long distance chipset.

It is important to know the switch needs to work with a PoE adapter 5540-75 at the edge to achieve ultra-long distance. Even the PoE switch is capable of sending 800 meters long distance, you still need a PoE adapter sitting at the edge to return data.

8 ports switch only comes with 2 PoE adapter and 4 ports come with 1 unit PoE adapter in the package. You will need to order an extra adapter while you try to make use of all the ultra long-distance ports.

Connect to 100 meters POE.

The PoE ports which are not labeled in green support IEEE802.3af/at standard POE. The maximum power output is 32W in single ports. Follow the below instruction to connect the edge device by using the Ethernet cable.

1.  Plug the one end of Ethernet cable to PoE port

2.  Connect another end to your PoE IP device such as an IP camera, access point, VoIP.

3.  The corresponding power indicator should turn on, and the data indicator will start flashing after a while which means the POE switch has powered up the edge device and got the data exchange.

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