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2.3.2 Ethernet coupler

The 800M PoE switch can deliver 100mbps bandwidth within 500 meters and the bandwidth will reduce to 10mbps after 500 meters. In the practical installation, it may difficult for you to find the Ethernet cable in 500 meters. The standard cable is 300 meters in roll.

The PoE coupler can conjunct two roll of cable together to achieve longer distance solution. It meets IP68 waterproof solution which allows you to bury the cable and the coupler.

The coupler accepts pre-made RJ45, pre-crimp the RJ45 cable before you conjunct two cable together.

It is important to choose the Ethernet cable (cate5/cat6) which is made of pure copper. The power loss is a challenge for long distance PoE.

The Copper clad aluminum (CCA) cable offer as a cost-effective replacement for solid copper cable, but with much higher DC resistance than copper, It will cause higher power loss inline and convert to the heat. The consequence is you may don’t have enough power at the edge.

The pure copper cat5e should be fine, the cat6 will be better. The cat6 has a little big large core than cat5e which should have less power loss.

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