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2.3.1 Connect POE adaptor

The PoE switch ports which are equipped with ultra-long distance POE are backward compatible with 100 meters standard PoE. However, if you want to achieve ultra-long distance, please follow the instruction below to add the PoE adapter 5540-75 next to your edge device. Your edge device should be IEEE802.3af/at/bt standard PoE device. If it is a non-POE device sitting at the edge, the whole system will not work. There is a power handshake in IEEE802.3af/at/bt before the PoE switch release the power to the edge. It requires the edge device is standard PoE equipment to complete the power handshake.

1.  Plug the one end of Ethernet cable to PoE port which is labeled with green number

2.  Connect the other end to the input port of the PoE adapter.

3.  Use the short patch cord to link the PoE output of the adapter to your edge device.

The PoE adapter can achieve IP68 waterproof rate for direct bury. Please assemble the PoE adapter properly before you bury it in the ground.

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