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2.1 Assemble the Grand

While the waterproof grand is installed properly, the PoE extender can meet IP68 waterproof rate. The PoE extender can stay one meter underground for over 24 hours according to our test. The wrench is the key to install the PoE extender. The compact wrench is included in the package. If you don’t see the tool, you can use the 27mm wrench instead. please follow the instruction to install the PoE extender.

1.Firstly Disassemble the cable gland as shown below:

2.Next, attach gland body (with washer) to the PoE extender. Use 27mm wrench to fasten the gland body tightly.

Important: Make sure the gland body is squeezed tightly with wrench, the PoE extender can’t pass IP67 waterproof test without using the wrench to fasten the gland body.

3.Slip the Ethernet cable through the clamping nut and the body of the sealing insert, cut out the sealing insert if the RJ45 is pre-crimped.

4.Plug the Ethernet connector to the PoE input port.

5.Next Insert the sealing insert into the cable grand body and attach the clamping nut to complete the cable assembly. Now Use 27mm wrench again to fasten the crimping nut.

6.Repeat step 1 to step 5 for two PoE+ out ports.

7.Use rubber plug to block one of the out ports if you need single PoE port.

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