Waterproof Multi-Hole Cable Glands for Electrical Enclosure


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Make your electrical enclosure with ports become truly waterproof

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Waterproof Cable Gland for Electrical Enclosure is a common useful tool to help you arm your enclosures where electrical devices housed inside with full protection.

By using these watertight and waterproof cable glands to realize full protection from water and dust so as to avoid electrical accidents, which is economic but practical tool for enhancing safety and life quality.


+ Overview

    The Waterproof Multi-Hole Cable Gland is designed to safeguard your electrical devices that housed in the enclosures. It is equipped with multi-hole cable strain relief insert for each unit, allowing you to pass through 3 wires to connect to the ports of various electrical devices.

    IP67 waterproof rating cable gland combines with waterproof gaskets and plugs to provide reliable protection from water, dust and dirt, enabling your electrical device to obtain highly full protection, especially when you have no need to configure the devices for a long while after it is installed in the enclosures.

    One easy and fast mounting on the port does help in reducing the possibility of device replacement caused by issues like water seepage.

    It adopts twist lock for fast connection and installation. It is well suited for Fastcabling outdoor series products that housed in waterproof enclosure, such as 6100-56 outdoor PoE powered switch, 6100-26 outdoor PoE switch with SFP+.

+ Benefits

  • Nylon plastic cable glands comes with gaskets and multi-hole insert for multiple cables through the same opening, ideal for clamping system
  • Specially designed tool mounts on waterproof enclosure panel or products housed in
  • Reliable IP67 waterproof rated material against dirt, dust, water etc.
  • High performance, Easy to use, No technical knowledge required
  • Twist lock for convenient attachment and installation

+ Specification

    Networking Accessory Type: : Adapter
    Depth : 45mm
    Height : 35mm
    Width : 35mm
    Weight: 54.35g
    Base Material : Nylon
    Compatibility: Cat5e or cat6 cable (dimension < 7.0mm)
    True Color: Black

+ What is included

  • 1. Waterproof Multi-Hole Cable Glands for Electrical Enclosure


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