R7 Smart Vibration Sensor


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Simple attachment realizes smart property monitoring

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Smart Vibration Sensor is a feasible solution that shows a big function on property security and monitoring with prompt vibration perception and real-time message alert.

Place it at required points easily and freely, any actions caused vibration like knock, shock, sabotage can be perceived with no delay and send alarm information instantly to mobile phone.


Smart Vibration Sensor is a high-performance smart home device that keeps home or property that value most stay safe thanks to its real-time detection on various kinds of vibration and effective protection mechanism by sending alert messages on the app, thus you are able to get the latest information immediately wherever.

It features compact size and wire-free connection, showing great flexibility on the installation, just need to paste it at the desired points, such as safe, door, window, drawers, refrigerator, valuable calligraphy and painting etc.

Easy to add to the app with simple operation, and you are able to adjustable sensitivity level to meet specific needs or installation environment.

Using long-life high-quality battery ensures a long-lasting use life. Combined with low power consumption and low battery warning, you don’t need to concern the power-off issue to ensure the practice.

Compatible with other smart devices, such as smart home security cameras, gain a more reliable smart security alarm system. Additionally, all the connected smart home devices are controlled on a single Smart Life/Tuya app.

Work with Zigbee hub to get an easy connection, and its powerful mess network does great use on solving weak WiFi signal or WiFi disconnection issues.


How it Works


+ Benefits

  • Compact size, flexible installation, place at anywhere you need to guard
  • Battery-powered, wireless connection, no wires, easy to install
  • Real-time push message alert on smartphone
  • Easy to use, link to the smartlife/Tuya app with simple steps
  • Adjustable sensitivity level suits various applications
  • Compatible with other Zigbee devices
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant compatible device
  • Use with the ZigBee Hub
  • Neighbor group-notify all the members to act fast together
  • Low power consumption and low battery alert, long battery life

+ Specification

    Dimensions40x40x10 mm
    Power SupplyCR2032 x 1
    Batteries IncludedYes
    Battery Life12 Months
    Working as Mesh PointNo
    Wireless technologyZigbee 3.0
    Frequency range2400 – 2483 MHz
    Antenna gain2.5 dBi
    Connection distanceindoor 10-20m (without mesh)
    Working Temperature-10 – 50 Degrees Celcius
    Working Humidity<95%RH (No Congelation)

+ What is included

  • 1.R7 Smart Vibration Sensor
  • 2.User Guide

+ Resource

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