R7 Smart Home Temperature & Humidity Sensor


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Temperature & Humidity Sensor offers people an intelligent lifestyle and easy way to know the temperature and humidity in real-time intuitively and get ideal living environment.

Just place the small size sensor at places needed, temperature and humidity as well as atmospheric pressure can be follow up on mobile in real-time or you can receive notification when abnormal environment is detected.


R7 Smart Home Temperature & Humidity Sensor is useful assistance to make the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure to be an intuitive visible number,, that means you can adjust immediately before you or your family feel uncomfortable or unwell, which especially suits for home having children and seniors.

It is smart device allowing you to check the data for temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure in real-time whenever you want. Just one tap on the app with our mobile phone.

Moreover, customized settings is available, so you can create different scenes according to your requirements. Featuring push message alert, you are able to receive notification as long as the unintended environment is detected.

The sensor is required to works together with Zigbee hub, and it is compatible with other zigbee smart devices, it allows you get effective adjustment in an automatic way by combining with other devices.

It comes with mini size and adopts battery powered technology, you can install it flexibly at places needed, and wire-free installation saves hassles and time.

How it Works


+ Benefits

  • Intelligent tool for home environment monitoring
  • Remote track real-time data on mobile phone
  • Push message alert allows instant adjustment
  • Customized settings on app
  • Wire-free battery devices, no wiring
  • Easy to use and install
  • Compact size and light weight-flexible mounting
  • Compatible with other Zigbee smart device
  • Required to use with Zigbee hub

+ Specification

    Dimensions40x40x10 mm
    Weight12 g
    Batteries IncludedYes
    Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃
    Humidity accuracy±3%
    distanceindoor 10-30m
    Wireless technologyZigbee 3.0
    Working Temperature-20 – 50 Degrees Celcius
    Working Humidity<95%RH (No Congelation)

+ What is included

  • 1.R7 Smart Home Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 2.User Guide

+ Resource

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