Power Surge Protector


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Offer a high voltage protection level of ≤2.5kV against power surges

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This Power Surge Protector provides superior protection against power surges caused by over current or other transient voltage induced by lightning.

Designed to safeguard against voltage spikes and surges, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your electronic equipment. Large intake capacity, double protection and small leakage power.

2.5kV Surge Protection

Superior protection against power surges, ensuring that your electronics are shielded from potentially damaging voltage fluctuations.

Built to Last

Made from flame-retardant materials, the device will not pose any additional fire hazards, offering an extra layer of safety and protection.

Fast Response Time

A rapid response time of less than 25ns helps to minimize the risk of damage to your valuable equipment.

Built-in Fuse Protector

To provide an additional layer of protection, the surge arrester is equipped with a built-in over current fuse protector to prevent any excessive current from reaching your electronic devices.

Easy Installation

Simply install the device in parallel with your power distribution box and start enjoying the benefits of surge protection immediately, no configuration required.

Wide Operating Temperature

Operate temperature range from –40 to +70°C, providing reliable protection for years to come, for indoor use.

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