Outdoor Waterproof 802.3bt Gigabit PoE Extender

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Gigabit PoE extension solution for IP cameras featuring 60W power input

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2-Port 802.3bt outdoor PoE extender allows 1 PoE in and 2 PoE out to meet IP cameras beyond 100 meters with Gigabit Ethernet and 30W high power.

Place the PoE repeater between the PSE(eg. 95W PoE injectors) and the PD(eg. PoE cameras), achieving Ethernet signal boosting, you can easily break PoE distance limit with plug-and-play, even at harsh outdoors due to its distinguished waterproof and rugged design.



Outdoor 2 port 802.3bt Gigabit PoE extender is useful PoE cable extender, which helps repeat power and data in the same cable when encounter dilemma of max PoE distance of 100 meters(328 ft.) in IP cameras deployment. It also can be a LAN extender if to extend Ethernet only by adding a PoE splitter.

Using PoE repeater is a low-cost solution for challenged applications that requires long-distance runs, you can apply to common PoE devices, such as PoE cameras, desktop phones, Wi-Fi access points, etc. The integration is safe without breaking IEEE 802.3 standard and affecting the data transmission performance.

The aluminum IK10 vandal proof housing and IP67 waterproof design allow the PoE ethernet extender to stably operate under outdoor harsh environment and obtain a longer use life. It is able to be directly buried under the ground.

The PoE extender supports 60W IEEE802.3bt standard, so it is capable of supplying a maximum of 30W output for single port and extending it for 100m over single Ethernet cable (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6). Daisy chaining 4 units, the PoE booster can reach a maximum PoE distance of up to 500m (1640 ft.), and 1000Mbps gigabit transmission is available.

PoE powered Ethernet extender features easy installation with no requirement of extra power supply as the power is received from the PSE over Cat5e/Cat6. Equipped with two PoE out ports, only one PoE cable is needed if demand for supporting 2 remote IP devices. The PoE extender adopts convenient wall mountable design for installation flexibility.

  • * The table list shown here is for your reference only. The actual performance should be related to your enviornment.
    * 95W PoE++ injector was connected to PoE input port to perform the test above.


    How it Works

    PoE Extender
    Bullet Camera

    8-Port Web Smart PoE+ Switch with 2 Gigabit SFP


    Bullet Camera

    Outdoor Waterproof 802.3bt Gigabit PoE Extender


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    + Benefits

    • Supports total PoE budget up to 60 watts
    • Compatible with the IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE standard
    • Transparent to network protocols
    • Daisy Chain PoE Ethernet Extension up to 500m (1640 ft.)
    • Plug and Play, easy cabling Installation
    • No required external power supply
    • Supports transmission speeds of 1000 Mbps
    • Complete and reliable waterproof design
    • Durable vandal-proof metal housing
    • Intelligent power allocation
    • Convenient wall mountable design
    • Straight-buried device

    + FAQ

    • Q:Can I connect PoE Ethernet Extender to NO-PoE devices?
    • A: Yes, the PoE Ethernet Extender can repeat the network for both Non-PoE and PoE Devices. The extender will send only data when it detects Non-PoE device is connected. It is perfectly safe.

    • Q:If the PoE camera is 100m away from me, can I extend the distance for both power and Ethernet data through this device?
    • A:Yes. The max PoE distance is 100m, and ONE PoE extender increases the transmission distance of both Ethernet data and PoE power up to 100 meters with a Cat5e/Cat6 cable, which means you will have 200 meters PoE network in total.

    • Q:Can you chain multiple PoE extender to extend additional 100 Meters?
    • A:Yes, It can, but preferably no more than 4 units. That said you can get a maximum PoE distance of 500 meters.The connection form is: poe switch/poe injector→poe extender→poe extender→poe extender→poe extender→IP camera.

    • Q:How much wattage can the extender output
    • A:Single PoE out port can reach 30W max., two PoE out ports can reach 60W at the same time if it works with 95W PoE injector.

    • Q:Can you direct bury the PoE repeater?
    • A: Do you mean to bury it directly in the soil? Yes, this PoE extender is IP67 waterproof and can be used outdoors and directly bury.

    • Q:Does this apply to the basic Ethernet calculated from the router?
    • A:The PoE extender can be applied to any Ethernet, any data transfer. It is transparent to the network protocols.

    • Q:Where to place the extender if I want 150 meters in total?
    • A:We recommend you place the extender at the middle. It will be 75 meters in this case.

    • Q:Will this work with usb to ethernet extender adapters?
    • A:Sorry, it can’t work with USB Connectors.

    + Technical Drawing

    + What is included

    • 1. PoE extender
    • 2. Screws
    • 3. Ground cable
    • 4. Waterproof cap
    • 5. User Guide

    + Resource


    Installation Video


    Do you have any questions or concerns?

    Tips for Using Network Extender

    PoE extender is one of the most cost-effective and reliable methods of providing power and Ethernet network to a IP device (IP camera) at an extended distance by breaking the PoE distance limit. PoE extender is a kind of device which is used to extend the distance of PoE cable, such as Cat5e and Cat6. PoE (power over Ethernet), is a technology that can transport Ethernet data and power over single Ethernet cable. When using Ethernet extenders, something you should keep in mind. In this article, we will provide some tips for you. Read more


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    12 reviews for Outdoor Waterproof 802.3bt Gigabit PoE Extender

    1. Ryew

      It works well and the signal is clear. If any problems occur, they will be updated.

    2. Sammie

      Small and rugged enclosure, we installed it on the roof in a 4 x 4 inch electrical plastic box, which is directly exposed to the sun and rain. Even exposed to the sun which means high temperature the device performs excellent. The device is installed as now for 1.5 month and no issue. For ventilation we only drilled some holes at the underside of the box. so no water can get into the box.

    3. Lheo

      In Verbindung mit dieser marke Injektor wird keine zusätzliche Verkabelung benötigt. Hervorragend!

    4. Jacques

      This is a well made Product we have used them for security cameras installed that have been over three hundred and twenty-five feet. And have had perfect performance so far.

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