Industrial Isolated RS-232 to RS-485/422 Converter


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RS serial devices effective and safe conversion tool for extended data transmission

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RS-232 to RS-485/422 Converter gives a reliable way to accomplish signal conversion between different serial equipment for increased network capacity.

Utilize such converter, address signal conversion issue for serial devices vary from protocols, realize a more flexible and efficient management and maintenance, reducing many hassles for administrators or managers.

RS232 to RS-485/422 Conversion

Converts single side RS-232 signal to a balanced differential RS-422 or RS-485 signal to increase networking capacity and extend RS-232 serial devices transmission distance, getting an easier management.

Zero Time Delay & Automatic Forwarding

Employs unique “zero time delay and automatic forwarding” technology, enhances data transmission efficiency of interface, realizes true zero delay transmit.

Port-Powered Adapter

The adapters employ port-powered, no extra external power supplies are required.

Point-to-Point/Multipoint Communications

Allows to build point-to-point or point to multipoint connections, achieving optimal flexibility, and single converter can connect 128 sets RS-485 or RS-422 device at point to multipoint mode.

High Stability

Fits harsh industrial environments, features IP30 rugged metal case and wide operating temperature range of -40℃ to 85℃, enhanced surge and ESD protection, 2,500V high opto-electronic isolation, ensuring high stability.

Easy Installation

Compact size, features easy plug and play installation, wall or din-rail mounting, realizes fast integration among RS232 and RS485/422 serial devices.

LED Indicators

Displays the current status of the device intuitively, and gives convenience to quick diagnose.

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