Industrial Isolated RS-232/RS-485 to 4 Ports RS-485 Hub


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Strengthen signal under complex electromagnetic environment simply and reliably

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RS-232/RS-485 to 4 Ports RS-485 Hub is used to protect RS-485 serial devices with great resistance to surges or spike and automatic alarm mechanism.

Integrate it to the system, it is able to divide one RS-232/RS-485 bus to 4 channels RS-485 buses, which comes with enhanced surge protection and effective network segment, ensuring signal and stability.

RS232 to RS-485/422 Conversion

Specially designed for RS-485 BUS that requires to work under complex electromagnetic environments, supplies 115.2kbps high speed and safer data transmission over 1200 meters long distance.

Enhanced Protection

Features enhanced 600W surge protection circuit and ±15KV ESD protection, 2,500V high opto-electronic isolation, prevents damages from surges and spikes, ensuring high stability.

Industrial Grade

Fits harsh industrial environments, equipped with IP30 rugged metal case and offers wide operating temperature range of -40℃ to 85℃.

Zero Time Delay & Automatic Forwarding

Employs unique “zero time delay and automatic forwarding”technology, enhances data transmission efficiency of interface, realizes true zero delay transmit.

Star RS-485 BUS Connection

Supports RS-485 BUS connection, the users can easily change the structure of RS-485 BUS, and divide the network segment, the failure of any individual loop won’t affect other loops, making a more robust and reliable system.

Easy Installation

The hub is hot-pluggable and uses easy plug and play installation, din rail mounting, realizes fast expansion and extension for large scale RS-485 applications.

LED Indicators

Displays the current status of the device intuitively, and gives convenience to quick diagnose.

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