Industrial 95W PoE Splitter

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Convenient solution to add power to Ethernet cable and transport with data to front-end non-PoE IP devices.

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95W PoE splitter is an industrial-grade device that transmits and separates data and power for high power non-PoE devices in the IP system over an UTP cable.

To deal with high power and network supplying for IP powered devices at outdoor harsh environment. Working with IEEE 802.3bt compliant PSE and PDs, the whole system will provide 72W remaining power, and there is no need for AC power supply, reducing costs and simplifying installation.

72W High Power PoE++

Separte the received PoE++ and transmit a maximum of 72W power and gigabit Ethernet to power hungry non-PoE devices

Safe Connection

With power handshaking to verify the edge device, overload protection, carrier grade surge protection.

Easy to Use

Transparent to the network protocols and Mac address, does no harm to the original main network system; automatic PoE detection on connected PDs


One 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE RJ45 input port and one 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet output port.


Compatible with IEEE802.3af/at/bt standard, PoE++ over 4-pair UTP; receive both the Ethernet data and PoE power from PoE++ PSE via the same Ethernet cable.

Quick Installation

No additional AC outlet is required, plug-and-play, wall mounting.

LED Indicators

Display the current status of the device directly, convenient diagnose.

90/95W 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Midspan Injector


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    7 reviews for Industrial 95W PoE Splitter

    1. Edward

      It can separate network and power. One for non-poe access point, another for my Pos. Really nice package.

      User guide is easy to understand.

      Image #1 from Edward
      Image #2 from Edward
      Image #3 from Edward
    2. Pierson

      Works flawlessly. My only gripe (it is clearly shown in the product picture) is that I wish there was a more Raspberry Pi specific version… with a shortened Ethernet cable and a right-angled micro-USB connector. that way it would be a little more aesthetically pleasing if deployed in non-hidden areas. Anyhow, feels like a solid product… would just really love to have one a little more tailored to the RPi design.

    3. Dalton

      I believe they are two models of this device. The older one is a fast Ethernet and the newer is a gigabit Ethernet. The newer model will specify gigabit speeds on the label as well as have the Gigabit logo. This also shows up as a Class 4 device capable of delivering up to 90W of power which is much more than will ever be drawn from the micro USB connector. I have had one of these powering a Raspberry Pi 3B+ at gigabit speeds with no issues! Nice for the price and Gigabit!

    4. Caldwell

      Works like a charm with Foscam cameras. We have a POE switch but don’t want to bother with power cables so this makes it clear and simple. We hid the splitter in the ceiling so we can hang a camera without running power. Just ran a Cat5e cable and it looks neat.

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