High Density 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure Unloaded


Product#: 7249-15

Handy tool for high density applications and rack-mount fiber patching

FHD 1U Rack Mount Enclosure adds actual protection on fiber and makes fiber connection and management to be easier.

Apply this fiber enclosure at locations where are space-constrained or for high density applications, rack space can be used with optimal performance and ease fiber cabling hassle and cable maintenance.

Flexible Optical Fiber Cabling

Makes optimal rack space utilization, saves floor space, guarantees bending rate of fiber, enables a more flexible and safe installation.

Easy Cable Management

FHD unloaded enclosure, holds up to 4 x fiber adapter panels, supports 96 fiber ports(LC), realizes easy management on cables.

Enhanced Protection

Internal space allows to place one splice tray, coupled with equipped cover panel, gets an improved protection from physical damages and dust.

19 inch 1U Rack Mount

Excellent compatibility, specially designed to fit all standard 19”rack rails or cabinets.

High Durability

High quality enclosure made from 16-gauge cold rolled steel offers great durability and long use life.

Easy to Use and Access

Supply all required accessories, no skillful configuration, removable rear and front panels enables easy access and maintenance.

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