GPON 32 Port Fiber Patch Panel


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Provide a quick and easy way to manage the incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables

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Centralized Fiber Cable Management

Fiber patch panel is a must for any business that relies on a reliable and high-speed network. It serves as a central hub for fiber optic cables, which transmit data over long distances with minimal signal degradation. Administrators can easily manage and organize their fiber optic connections by using a fiber patch panel, making it easier to troubleshoot issues and ensure that the network is running smoothly. In addition, fiber patch panels provide a neat and organized solution for managing large numbers of cables, reducing clutter, and improving the overall network performance.

Fiber Termination

Offer a designated area where individual fibers can be terminated, connected, and easily accessed.

Signal Distribution

Designed for use with a 2:32 PLC splitter to transmit signals to different locations or multiple users.

SC Adapters

Pre-installed with 64×SC adapters for use in PONs or applications that demand high-precision signals.

1U 19-Inch Rack Mount

Provide space efficiency and improved accessibility for cable management, reducing cable clutter.

Metal Enclosure

Protect your fiber optic cables from cuts, pinches, bends, and exposure to excessive vibration.

Quick Installation

Plug and play setup, no special skill required, loaded with an adapter panel and 12× cable entries.


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