Gigabit Industrial Hardened Compact Ethernet Media Converter

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Industrial compact media converter extends your copper Ethernet network with fiber optic link

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Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter is a cost-effective solution for applications that demand of long distance fiber network connection in harsh environment.

You can finish fiber optical cable installation easily and conveniently. Better network capacity and low latency are accessible after long distance transmission. Extremly compact size and hardened IP30 rate design provide great installation flexibility and protection.



Media converter is of great importance for fiber connection and optic signal convertion. By using this gigabit Ethernet media converter, you can deploy your powered devices remotely with fiber optical cabling to gain high network speed with lower consumption. When confronting with situations like building to building or long distance (up to 80km) network setup, the Ethernet to fiber media converter is a good choice to solve the problem. Generally, media converter is used in pair.

The Fastcabling’s converter is in mini compact design (half palm-sized), which fits for installation in limited space, which is transparent to network protocols, therefore simply plug and play can provide 1000 Mbps Ethernet. The generic Gigabit SFP slot suits for LC/SC fiber, and the fiber connection can be done by yourself (DIY).

Its operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F) which can be deployed outdoor or in other harsh environment. Carrier-grade electrical protection enables to prevent lightning and other power surges.


+ How it works?

  • 1. There are two terminal ports, RJ45 and SFP fiber port. RJ45 is for data in, and SFP fiber port is for fiber optical signal out.
  • 2. Generally, two media converters are needed. One connects to the back-end main network, the other connects to the front-end IP divice.
  • 3. Connect media converter’s RJ45 to main network or IP device with Ethernet cable. 10/100/1000 data transmission is available.
  • 4. Plug in duplex SFP modules (SFP transceivers) so that the network signal or fiber optic signal can be converted.
  • 5. Link two fiber ports together with fiber optical cable(multimode or singlemode, reaching a maximum distance of 80km.
  • 6. Both two media converters needs DC 12V power supply. Connect the powerline to the DC 12V of the media converters and Plug the DC 12V power adaptor to close AC outlets.

+ Benifits

  • Extend your copper cable network with fiber optic link
  • Long distance network access(up to 80km)
  • Conveniently plug and play
  • Cost-effective solution for fiber optical network installation
  • Industrial Ethernet Design for Harsh Environment
  • 1000 Mbps Gigabit high-performance Fiber Media Converter
  • Mini compact size and portable design
  • Standard SFP slot suits for Duplex or Simplex fiber connection
  • Carrier-grade Surge Protection

+ What is included?

  • 1. Fast Industrial Hardened Compact Ethernet Media Converter
  • 2. Quick guide


  • Q: Does this only support multimode fiber SFPs?
  • A: No, both single mode and multimode SFPs are supported. The SFP module will determine how you select fiber optical cable.

  • Q: Do I need to perform any configuration when connecting fibers?
  • A: No, The media convertor is plug and play devices which is transparent to network protocols. Simply insert the module into the “SFP” port, it is ready for fiber optical connection.

  • Q: To eliminate the possibility of power surges through the Ethernet cable (copper) from modem to router, would this work?
  • A: The best way to stop power surges from a router or modem is to obtain a surge protector for those devices. The power surges can’t join in the fiber optical cable because it is not the copper conductor.

  • Q: Now I connect two wifi routers with a long cat5 cable. Can I put two media convertors in between?
  • A: Yes. You will need one pair media converter at each end of the fiber, the distance can be much longer than the Ethernet cable, and it can prevent lightning damage to the device.

  • Q: Does the converter have a mac address?
  • A: There is no Mac address, it is transparent to the network protocols.

  • Q: In order to extend the network of the main building to the out building, can I transfer electricity and data through a single fiber?
  • A: No, the fiber only carries data and cannot transport power. However, you can add one pair of copper cable along with the fiber optical cable for low voltage power (less than DC57V). Please calculate the voltage drop after the power reach the front-end.

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6 reviews for Gigabit Industrial Hardened Compact Ethernet Media Converter

  1. Tedy Vlack

    Worked exactly excellent. I tested throughput up to 700Mb/s with no loss.

  2. Vigo

    It is highly recommended to use fiber optics instead of cables over long distances and work well.

  3. Bespian

    These work great for gigabit communications. So far so good.

  4. Byzan

    Fiber optic cables transmit only light, not electrical energy, but they are less expensive than a dozen computers connected to switches powered by long Ethernet cables.

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