Fiber PoE Extender

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Freely depend where to set up the power source unit in the long-distance fiber optic connection

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Fiber PoE Extender is a practical device to transmit high power and gigabit network in long distance fiber network system by eliminating local power sources.

In remote outdoor environment, it allows users to flexibly deploy the PSU far away from the powered devices. Hardened grade components and IEEE 802.3at standard guarantee safe and reliable power and data transmission for high powered devices.



The Fiber PoE extender could deal with distance limitation and power supply problem by working with the centralized power supply over fiber optic cable, especially for the location that out of available power source unit (PSU) in the hardest environments. It will receive both DC power and fiber network from composite cable, delivering power/fiber over 3,400 ft (2.5 km).

With NEC Class II and SELV compliant, the fiber power system running with DC low voltage, so the PSU can be far away from fiber PoE extender (Max.2.5km), allowing power and data to be transmitted from front-end together. Or deploy the PSU a little far away from the powered devices (Max.100m) because of PoE technology adopted in the extender. The design eliminates the issue of figuring out who is to in charge of the PSU.

It is available with 1 Gigabit SFP slot, 1 Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ port. Support both 30W PoE+ IEEE802.3at and 14.4W IEEE802.3af, delivering power over fiber optic cable with PoE+ (30 Watt) output to supply high powered IP devices.

It features a wide range operating temperature from -40℃ to 75℃ and carrier grade electrical protection to against lightning and other power surges. Both DIN-Rail and Wall-mount are ready for installing in tight spots like structured wiring enclosures.


+ How it works?

  • 1. Fiber PoE extender works with a media converter can reach fiber link. Both of them have two terminal ports, RJ45 and SFP fiber port.
  • 2. Fiber PoE extender‘s RJ45 is for data and power out, and SFP fiber port is for fiber optical signal in.
  • 3. Connect media converter’s RJ45 to the back-end main network. Connect fiber PoE extender’s RJ45 to the front-end IP device with Ethernet cable. 10/100/1000 data transmission is available.
  • 4. Plug duplex SFP modules (SFP transceivers) into the SFP fiber port so that the network signal or fiber optic signal can be converted.
  • 5. Link two fiber ports together with fiber optical cable(multimode or singlemode, reaching a maximum distance of 80km.
  • 6. It accepts power input range from 12V DC to 48V DC. Connect the powerline to the 12-48V DC and Plug the power adaptor to AC outlets.

+ Benifits

  • Delivering power/fiber over 3,400 ft (1 km) with PoE+ (30 Watt) output
  • Eliminates local power sources
  • Electrical power management
  • Correct the voltage drop automatically
  • NEC Class II and SELV Compliant
  • Design for harsh environment
  • Compact metal casing with wall mount facility
  • Provide significant EMI and ESD protection
  • Safe and easy PoE network deployment
  • Support both PoE+ and PoE

+ What is included?

  • 1. Fiber PoE extender
  • 2. Quick guide


  • Q: Will this PoE extender supports using a cisco compatible sfp?
  • A: Yes. You will need to make sure the other end also using the Cisco compatible sfp.

  • Q: Is there any configuration that needs to be done for this to work? I need to send fiber and network to my remote IP camera.
  • A: No. The fiber PoE extender is plug and play. It outputs standard PoE, you can choose power either from local outlet or control room.

  • Q: Can I use this device to connect the fiber cable directly then connect the Ethernet to a AP hot spot?

    A: Yes, If you want to use PoE, be sure your AP hot spot support standard PoE.

  • Q: If I have 1 gig switch on one end and this fiber device in between and a gig switch on the other end. Can I connect a 10/100 at the end?
  • A: It depends on the Gigabytes switch you devices connected, if that switch support 10/100/1000mbps, it has not problem to use with 10/100 IP devices.

  • Q: If I connect these 2 converters with their RJ45 ports, will they convert signal properly from and to optical cable?
  • A: No, the fiber PoE extender convert RJ45 to fiber media, not the other way around.

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7 reviews for Fiber PoE Extender

  1. Dave5834

    We have two 500-foot fibers, we use them It’s a very economical way to extend your network past the limitations of regular Ethernet.

  2. Chad R

    I used this extender to connect the fiber. Once the connection is successful, we get the video.

  3. Hell Nolde

    Worked excellent as described. Have used on several jobs so far where we had to extend a few cat5e lines for IP cameras, in parking garages. Would recommend.

  4. Phil

    working good so far.

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