Ethernet over Coax Extender


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Enable the transmission of Ethernet signals via a coaxial cable over 300M

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Ethernet Signals over Coaxial Cables

Generally, the biggest challenge when upgrading an analog camera to an IP camera is the rewiring. Replacing the old coaxial cables with Ethernet cables can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, the Ethernet over Coax extender offers you a simple way to upgrade the existing network infrastructure by transmitting Ethernet signals over the coaxial cables that are already installed in the building. By leveraging the benefits of coax cables, you can easily extend the distance beyond 300M and reduce the interference of cross-talk and noise.

IEEE802.3af Compliant

Automatically detect and recognize IEEE802.3af powered devices (PD) with a maximum power output of 12V DC.

Use Existing Coaxial Cabling

Use existing coax wiring to create a wired Ethernet backbone without a complete network overhaul.

Transmission up to 300M

Support transmission distance up to 300M with a data transfer rate of 100Mbps for high-speed connectivity.

Compact Design

With a compact and lightweight housing, this extender is well-suited for space-constrained places.

Built-in Surge Protection

Help protect against power surges and voltage spikes, ensuring the safety and reliability of your network.

Easy Installation

Plug and play setup, no complex configuration required, hot-swappable, wall/desktop mount.


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