DIN-Rail Hybrid Distribution Box


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Offer a cost-effective way to protect and organize your composite fiber optic cables in PoF systems

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Hybrid Distribution Box for PoF System

The fiber-copper distribution box plays a vital role in managing and organizing the powered fiber cables in a PoF system. With a rugged enclosure, it protects the fragile fibers against crushing, stretching and other factors that can otherwise degrade signal quality. Moreover, it also simplifies power distribution to various devices connected to the PoF network, such as sensors, cameras, and RFID readers. With a hybrid distribution box, it becomes much easier to maintain and troubleshoot the network as any failures can be located and addressed quickly.

Power over Fiber System

Specifically designed for use in PoF systems to manage data and power transmission simultaneously.

Centralized Cable Management

This distribution box comes with 12×LC adapters and 3×DC terminal blocks to terminate your HFC cables.

DIN-Rail Mount

Simplify installation and secure mounting in any industrial or commercial setting, saving rack space.

Removable Panel

Give you easy access to fiber connections and DC terminals, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Metal Enclosure

Protect your fiber optic cables from cuts, pinches, bends, and exposure to excessive vibration.

Cable Entry

Come with 4× points of cable entry, providing greater flexibility for your on-site installation.


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