DC48V Optical Power Surge Protector


Product#: 6143-84

Carrier-grade surge protection for power over fiber systems and FTTX applications

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Power over Fiber Surge Protection

In a Power over Fiber (PoF) system, power and data are transmitted simultaneously over a single cable. When lightning surges travel through the power line, they can potentially damage the connected device. Surge-related failures can cause network downtime and service interruptions, which may lead to costly repairs. That’s why a PoF surge protector is needed to protect the equipment from electrical surges, voltage spikes, and transient disturbances. It also provides safety benefits by mitigating the risk of electrical fires or other hazards caused by power surges.

Built-in SPD

2.5kV surge protection ensures your equipment is protected from power surges and voltage fluctuations.

Built to Last

Made from flame retardant material to provide extra layers of safety and protection for years to come.

Built-in Fuse Protector

Prevent any excessive current from reaching your electrical components and conversion equipment.

Fast Response Time

A response time of less than 25ns helps minimize the risk of power surges and power fluctuations.

Splice Tray

Used to hold and protect individual fiber optic splices and manage incoming fiber patch cords.

Outdoor Ready

IP20-rated surge protector with waterproof housing, operating temperature -40 to +70°C, wall mount.


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