BiDi SFP Fiber Modules

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Specifically designed for high performance integrated duplex data link over optical fiber

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BiDi SFP Fiber Modules is a cost effective way to connect a single network device to a wide variety of fiber cable distances and types.

The primary goal of the transmitter enables the bandwidth of the 1.25G in order to meet the increasing demand of the industrial Ethernet fiber solution. The deployment distance can be extended to a maximum of 20 kilometers using LC single-mode fiber optic cable.



+ Overview

    The SFP Gigabit Ethernet module can be used to connect together switches, servers and fiber modules on a campus or metropolitan area network (MAN), which is packed in a Small Form Pluggable (SFP) metal housing to increase durability, eliminating frequent replacement and maintenance.

    It can be installed into Fastcabling Switch and Media Converter products with 1000BASE-SX/LX SFP interface.

    For horizontal shorter-length run, the Fastcabling modules are available with single-mode fiber to suit your fiber connectivity applications. It can transmit data up to 20KM with 1.25Gigabit network speed.

    The SFP transceivers are hot-pluggable and hot-swappable that you can remove and install while the server is running. Besides, it features wide range operation temperature from -40℃ to 75℃(-40°F to 167°F), so it can be used in the harsh environment, such as outdoor application.

    The Fastcabling SFPs are highly engineered to be robust, arrest high peak ESD currents and perform consistently throughout the lifetime of the component. Good ESD protection typically features extremely fast response time, low operating and clamping voltage, low leakage current, and low capacitance.

+ How it works

  • 1.Select a pair of SFP fiber transceiver that meet your demands of speed, distance, connector type.
  • 2. Insert the SFP fiber transceivers to two SFP slots of any fiber media converter or fiber switch.
  • 3. Connect two SFP fiber transceivers with suitable fiber optic cable, fiber optic signal or electric signal converts.
  • 4. Power the devices at both ends, a complete fiber optic link is done.

+ Benefits

  • Data-rate of 1.25 Gbps operation
  • Support the hot pluggable
  • LC simplex connector
  • -40 to 75°C operating temperature range
  • IEEE 802.3z compliant
  • Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1
  • Single power supply 3.3V

+Technical Drawing

+ What is included

  • 1. BiDi SFP Fiber Module*2
  • 2. User Guide

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Model Comparison

Supported MediaSingle-Mode Fibercat5e/cat6Single-Mode FiberSingle-Mode Fiber
Connector Type (1) LC RJ45 (2) LC (1) LC
TX Wavelength1270 nmN/A1310 nm1310 nm
RX Wavelength1330 nmN/A1310 nm1550 nm
Data Rate10 Gbps SFP+1000 mbps1.25 Gbps SFP1.25 Gbps SFP
Transmission Distance10 KM100 M20 KM20 KM
Operation Temperature-20 to 60 C-20 to 60 C-40 to 75 C-40 to 75 C


How to choose SFP Module

Nowadays, more and more people intends to utilize fiber optic link in networking system for the reason that it covers wider range of distance, provides higher bandwidth and comes with less signal interference and so on. Moreover, it even can be accessed easily in some PoE devices, such as PoE fiber switch, which generally equipped with one or two SFP ports. As it is known that PoE fiber devices are electronics, requiring power supply while fiber is plastic or glass material that can’t conduct electric currency to your front-end IP devices. Therefore you can’t connect the fiber optic cable straightly to the fiber ports, because these ports are empty and lack of signal conversion tools. That means you requires tools can help finishing signal conversion. Read more


4 reviews for BiDi SFP Fiber Modules

  1. Phoenix

    Got them on time, good price and they all worked.

  2. Pett

    It works well with this brand of fiber converter, it works in my expectations

  3. Jerrk

    I didn’t have to do anything specific to recognize them

  4. Cary Cuypers

    This works well to connect my fiber cable switches at my house together. My switches are older HP Procurve models with 100/1000 and two fiber ports. Had problems with Cat 6 getting interference in several places, so opted for fiber to go between the 2 network switches.

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