9-Channel 1080p HDMI Multi-Viewer


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Combines up to 9 fully independent HDMI sources on a single monitor

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4K HDMI Multi-Viewer is powerful for security guys to simultaneously monitor multiple specific HDMI video sources from any NVR on the same UHD/HD display having preset screen layouts.

The HDMI multi-viewer mixes and matches multiple HDMI video sources from any NVR, and displays different combinations of up to 9 HDMI inputs, all on one monitor at the same time. You are able to select critical surveillance locations that require demanding monitoring for extreme reliability to your security monitoring systems.

Effective Spot Outs Integration

Combine multiple NVRs’ spot outputs in a single device and outputs multiple HDMI signal on one display for space-saving setup, and it meets security monitoring systems having a limited budget.

Customizable Display Combination

The HDMI multi-viewer allows a flexible selection of HDMI video sources coming from any NVR to obtain customizable display combinations, letting the security personnel monitor key areas simultaneously for optimum security.

High Resolution

Supports up to 1080p@60Hz high resolution for stunning image quality, the HDMI multi-viewer guarantees good security surveillance experience.

Diverse Screen Layouts

Enables 9 HDMI inputs screen segmentation with different preset screen layouts, such as 2×2 grid or 3×3 view, and even full-screen display with a single window, giving diverse display modes.


Equipped with 9 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output, the 4K multi-viewer displays up to 9 HDMI signals on one HD display, and it is compatible with most HDMI displays.

Robust Industrial Grade

Made with an aluminum enclosure, the industrial-grade HDMI multi-viewer comes with a wide operating temperature range of 0℃ to 55℃ for robust performance and system reliability.

Flexible Control Options

User-friendly HDMI multi-viewer, command via front panel button or IR remote, providing great flexibility on the control options.

Easy to Use

Plug-and-play HDMI multi-viewer offers simple and quick installation without any software and complex setup; compact unit, ideal solution for space-saving security monitoring systems.

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