8MP PoE Bullet IR IP Camera with 6-22mm Varifocal Lens


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High-quality security camera with advanced features and durable construction

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8MP PoE Bullet IR IP Camera with 6-22mm Varifocal Lens is a high-quality, professional-grade surveillance camera that delivers exceptional image clarity and superior performance.

It provides various advanced features such as person detection and IR night vision and offers round-the-clock surveillance over your property.


8MP Ultra High Resolution

Crystal-clear videos in 8MP, ensuring that every detail is visible. The high-definition lens provides precise and accurate images, allowing you to closely monitor any activity with ease.

Intelligent Person Detection

Accurately identify and track human subjects, minimizing false alarms caused by other moving objects so as to improve the overall efficiency of your surveillance system.

Adjustable Varifocal Lens

6-22mm varifocal lens allows you to adjust the focal length manually, giving you the flexibility to zoom in or out as needed for optimal surveillance. A tool will also be included to help you adjust the focus in the field.

30M Night Vision

Provide clear visibility of up to 30 meters even in complete darkness. Rest assured knowing that your property is protected 24/7, day or night.

DC12V/PoE Power

Support both DC12V and PoE power options, providing convenient and flexible installation even in remote locations without access to traditional power sources.

IP66 Waterproof Rating

Designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, this camera is IP66 certified, making it resistant to dust, water, and vandalism, ideal for outdoor surveillance.

ONVIF Compatible

This camera is ONVIF compatible, allowing seamless integration with your existing security camera system, other ONVIF-compliant devices and video management systems.

Easy Installation

With its user-friendly design, this camera can be easily installed and set up within minutes, ensuring a hassle-free installation in outdoor applications; wall or ceiling mount.

  • The IP camera is used for setting a PoE camera surveillance and security system with Ethernet switch and NVR.
  • The camera is able to get power and data via single Ethernet cable from the back-end PSE, such as PoE switch, PoE injector, PoE extender etc.
  • Real-time and high quality video can be viewed on monitors or recorded down after setting up NVR or viewed on the mobile devices after connecting to the internet.
  • The camera can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

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