8-Port Industrial NVR Switch 19″ 1U Rackmount


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Gathers multiple NVRs to one HDMI display for easy control

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8-Port Industrial NVR Switch allows your operators to enjoy efficient monitoring in IP surveillance systems containing multiple NVRs meeting small-to-medium offices with limited space.

The NVR switch integrates multiple NVRs to only one HDMI display without extra software or driver required, and the operators or managers can operate each connected NVRs with one mouse or hotkey quickly and conveniently, obtaining high monitoring efficiency along with robust performance.

Efficient Monitoring

Enables security personnel to monitor massive live video channels via one HDMI display, allowing to access and operate multiple NVRs using a mouse and a keyboard, it greatly improves the efficiency of manual control and management.

4K UHD Resolution

Featuring 4K ultra high definition resolution, the HDMI NVR switch ensures stunning image quality video viewing.

Cost-effective NVR Integration

The integration is completely free of the use of extra software or driver, money-saving; a plug-and-play system means easy installation and configuration.


Equipped with 8 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, the NVR switch accepts up to 8 NVRs(or computers, severs) and outputs on a single HDMI display.

Multiple Operating Options

Supports hotkey command/front panel push button to switch and select different NVRs, offering an easier operation.

Robust Industrial Grade

Industrial grade NVR switch has a wide operating temperature range from 0℃ to 55℃, adapting to various harsh environments with robust performance.

Space Limited Application

Rack-mounted NVR switch flexibly fits 19” 1U cabinets, so unwieldy installation of multiple NVRs or mice lying side by side on the desktop can be eliminated, which is perfect for space-constrained deployment.

Quick Video Switching

Enjoy momentary video switching of the same or among different NVRs almost without delay or blanking, ensuring continuity of video streams and reliable monitoring.

Intuitive LED Indicators

With intuitive LED indicators equipped on the front panel, the users are able to get quick integration or diagnosis.

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8-Port Industrial NVR Switch 19″ 1U Rackmount


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