8 port Fiber Optic SFP Switch


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Meet your high speed network demand in fiber solution of long distance IP devices

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8 port Fiber Optic SFP switch allows you finish fiber connectivity that is with different bandwidth requirements conveniently and cost savings.

A standard product features gigabit uplink speed, easy installation, high security, flexibility of selecting SFP modules, which gives ease of management and investment protection for the evolving business needs.



The Fastcabling 8 Port Fiber Optic SFP switch features 8 * 1Gps SFP ports and 2 gigabit uplink RJ45 ports. It can be used as a central management for multipoints IP devices at different locations. Gigabit speed fiber ports deliver high-speed networking for multiple remote IP powered devices, such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, wireless Aps, etc. It allows you to interconnect up to 8 SFP modules of different or similar SFP modules to reach long distance fiber optic link, including SC/LC fiber types. With Gigabit uplink port, the switch can uplink to backbone or high capacity servers. It greatly simplifies the tasks of upgrading the LAN for catering to increasing bandwidth demands.

The Switch is unmanaged and it can be deployed easily by simple plug and play design without any configuration, which are particularly useful for workgroups, office LANs, and enterprise networks’ applications.


+ How it works

  • 1. The 5840-80 fiber optic SFP switch has two types of terminal port, including 8 SFP slots and 2 RJ45 ports. RJ45 ports are for data in or out, and SFP fiber port is for fiber optic signal in or out
  • 2. It works with any fiber media converter or fiber switch.
  • 3. Plug two suitable SFP fiber modules into two SFP slots at each two ends.
  • 4. 5840-80 fiber optic SFP switch needs DC12V power supply. Up to 8 long distance fiber optic link are available.

+ Benefits

  • Includes 8 gigabit SFP fiber ports and 1 10/100/1000-Mbps RJ45 port
  • Pay-as-you-grow. Add SFPs when you need them to expand your network
  • Get advanced switching and performance capabilities
  • High performance and high security
  • Well suited for powerful applications
  • Auto-negotiation in TP port
  • Easy installation


  • Q: Is it fanless?
  • A: No, it has a built-in fan to help dissipate heat.

  • Q:What is the standard for the power cord?
  • A:We ship basing on order. American standard, Europe standard, UK standard, and other standards are available.

  • Q:What is the voltage input?
  • A:AC100-AC240V universal power input.

  • Q: Any ideas why my uplink port won’t go to 1000 mbps? It is stuck at 100 mbps directly connected to a router with a 1m patch cable.
  • A:The link speed is negotiated with the router. If router is 100mbps, you will not be able to get 1000mbps transfer speeds.

  • Q:Can I know the information of each port?
  • A:Yes, this is a managed switch; you can access the port information through web browser.

  • Q:All ports are Gigabit?
  • A:24 gigabit fiber ports and 4 10G fiber ports.

  • Q:Is there a port that can be directly connected to the fiber optic cable?
  • A:Do not. You need to install an SFP module to connect the fiber optic cable.

+ What is included

  • 1. 8 Port Fiber Optic SFP switch
  • 2. User Guide

+ Resource

Installation Video


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