8-channel Analog Input Module


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Applied for data acquisition of industrial serial devices using analog input.

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8-channel Analog Input Module is a part of data acquisition system working with PC or PLC’s processor-based equipment and get direct connection to serial devices.

Add this module in industrial automation, multiple industrial senors can be connected to remote processing equipment for effective and real-time data acquisition in a simple and cost-saving way, enhancing work efficiency and safety.

Remote Data Acquisition

This module is applied for data acquisition of analog input, realizes a remote control by instruction via Modbus RTU protocol, achieving a more efficient management.

Software-Set Baud Rate

Its baud rate is set via software, and supplies maximum transmission rate of 115.2kbps, ensures high speed data transmission.

Enhanced Protection

Features enhanced surge protection circuit and ESD protection, 2,500V high opto-electronic isolation, prevents damages from surges and spikes, ensuring high stability.

Industrial Grade

Fits harsh industrial environments, offers wide operating temperature range of -25℃ to 75℃.


The module has 8 channels of differential analog input, each channel serves 8 range level that permit to be set independently.

Easy Installation

Features easy plug and play installation, din-rail mounting, achieves fast and flexible integration of serial and TCP/IP network.

LED Indicators

Displays the current status of the device intuitively, and gives convenience to quick diagnose.

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