8-Ch HD Video Balun


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Allow you to install up to 4 analog cameras via a single Cat5 cable over 200M

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Video Balun for CCTV Systems

Whether you’re tired of dealing with tangled coaxial cables or just looking for a convenient solution to keep your analog cameras organized, this video balun has you covered. It allows the transmission of signals from CCTV cameras using UTP cables (e.g. Cat5/5e), which highly reduces the installation costs. Since an Ethernet cable has four twisted pairs, you can connect up to 4 cameras over 1 wire in an HD-over-Coax system. With the ability to transmit video signals over long distances, this video balun is ideal for covering large areas or multiple floors.

Signal Conversion via UTP

Enable video transmission using unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire instead of older coaxial cables.

Transmission up to 200M

Support a transmission distance of up to 200 meters without compromising image quality and fidelity.

Cost and Time Saving

Save time and money by running only one Cat5 cable instead of using 4x RG59 cables.

High Compatibility

Compatible with analog, AHD, HD-CVI, TVI cameras in various resolutions such as 1080p, 5MP, and 4K.

Interference Reduction

More resistant to EMI and RFI by transmitting balanced signals via UTP, ensuring stable video quality.

No Power Required

As a passive solution, it can operate without power, which highly reduces electrical noise.


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