64-Ch Network Video Recorder


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Crucial part in your high resolution small to medium size video surveillance application

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64-Ch Network Video Recorder is a powerful device to provide HD video data storage and reliable central management for multiple IP security cameras with real-time monitoring.

Adding this device to your surveillance system can help you get rid of the dilemmas of limited storage space and receiving influenced low quality video image. Smart playback and instant notification offer an effective enhancement on the whole security level.


64-Ch Network Video Recorder adopts advanced Linux based embedded technology to display high-quality resolution video image, which comes with the capacity to connect up to 64 IP security cameras, making great use of video local storage, event playback and live monitoring for small to medium-sized commercial, such restaurants, store retails, storehouse etc.

With smart event playback, the video’s wanted part can be located fast and conveniently, especially if it is important evidence.

The NVR is perfectly worked with our IP cameras sold on Fastcabling, furthermore, it features excellent compatibility for various Onvif compliant IP cameras with up to 5 megapixels and H.265 video compression technology. You can equip 8 internal 8TB hard disks(not included), it serves more storage capacity to keeps video files in the NVR for a long period of time. Combined with H.265 video compression technology, allowing high resolution with low bandwidth for giving more storage space, the video would remain more lasting.

Supporting by dual HDMI and VGA local video output, it can be connected to HDMI monitor and VGA monitor separately to display live video content or video playback of multiple cameras at the same time in different resolutions. The dual local display function means it can be operated with a USB mouse and keyboard directly, eliminating extra PC investment.

You can finish the installation and search for a video of live monitoring or event playback via remote mobile, web browser, or CMS video management software conveniently, accessing the NVR and cameras whenever or wherever you are. If there are any suspicious events detected by the NVR, an instant notification push message will send to your phone or email, offering a chance for preventing loss if you can act quickly.

+ How it works

  • 1. The 6499-48 64-Ch NVR has 1 HDMI ports and 1 VGA port for connecting monitors as well as 1 LAN port for accessing network.
  • 2. Connect the NVR’s LAN ports to internet or Ethernet switch uplink port with Ethernet cable.
  • 3. Link monitors to NVR’s HDMI or VGA port with coaxial cable, video starts streaming and displays on monitors clearly.
  • 4. Plug in the DC12V injector(included) to Power up the NVR, and equipped suitable hard drive disk(not included).
  • 5. You are able to live view, record and playback the video of the connected IP cameras.
  • 6. The NVR is capable of handling a maximum of 64 channels IP cameras in one unit.

+ Benefits

  • Smart Events Playback
  • HDMI and VGA output
  • H.265 compression
  • Remote access via Mobile web-browser or CMS
  • Instant push notification
  • Mass Local Storage available

+ What is included

  • 1. 64-Ch Network Video Recorder
  • 2. User Guide

+ Resource

Installation Video

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