40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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Regulate the power from your solar panel to battery with an efficiency of no less than 98%

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Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting

MPPT controllers are designed to optimize solar energy harvesting by constantly tracking and adjusting the solar panel’s operating point to ensure maximum power extraction. By efficiently matching the solar panel’s output voltage with the battery’s charging voltage, it eliminates the power loss caused by voltage mismatches in conventional charge controllers. In addition, MPPT controllers also enable the use of higher voltage panels in off-grid solar systems, resulting in increased power delivery and reduced installation costs.

Solar Control System

Include a 40A MPPT solar charge controller, pure copper battery cables and MC4 solar extension cables.

4-stage charging process

Provide a 4-stage charging process, i.e. bulk, absorption, float and equalization to protect the battery.

Wide Operating Range

Support max. PV input power of 1920W and max. input voltage of 100V; accept 48V battery voltage.

Versatile Battery Compatibility

48V auto recognition, compatible with various battery types, including gel, AGM, liquid and lithium.

Multiple Load Control Modes

Multiple load control modes are available, including always-on, dusk-to-dawn, night and manual.

LCD Display

Provide real-time status of the controller’s battery voltage, power output, etc. for easy monitoring.

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