4 Strands Direct-Burial Fiber Optic Cable 1000 Meters


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Offer increased scalability, enabling easy expansion of network infrastructure
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Armored vs. Unarmored Fiber Cable

Armored fiber cable, as the name suggests, is a type of cable that is reinforced with metallic armor. As opposed to the unarmored fiber cable, which can be easily severed in harsh environments, it provides an extra level of protection against extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, and chemical exposure. Moreover, the armored fiber cable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments and can be installed directly underground without conduits, ideal for use in industrial automation, tunnels or high-traffic areas.


Can be buried directly underground without the need for conduit or additional protective measures.

Single-mode Fiber

Transmit signals more efficiently over longer distances, with lower attenuation and interference.

LC Connector

Swiftly connect and disconnect with LC connectors, ensuring a quick, plug-and-play setup.

Pulling Eye

Help guide the cable into place and protect the fibers from being damaged during installation.

4 Strand Fiber

Contain four fiber strands in a single bundle to accommodate multiple data channels effortlessly.

A/B Tags

Simplify installation with A/B tags, making it easy to distinguish and manage multiple cables.


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