300M Hybrid Copper-Fiber Cable 16AWG


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Enable high-speed connectivity and reliable power transmission over longer distances

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Structured Cabling for PoF Systems

Copper cables have long been the go-to choice for power transmission, but most of them have limited range. Fiber optic cables, on the other hand, excel in transmitting data over long distances at lightning speeds but fall short in power generation. By integrating both technologies, hybrid copper-fiber cables offer you a more efficient and versatile way to simultaneously transmit power and data over a single cable without compromising signal integrity. Whether it’s for data centers or smart grids, this hybrid copper-fiber cable is the key to ensuring seamless, reliable connectivity.

Field Termination

Easily customize cable lengths and connector sizes, giving you more flexibility in field termination.

16 AWG Wire

Roughly 3 times stronger than 20AWG wire, it also has 86.6% less resistance than comparable wire.

Single-mode Fiber

Transmit signals more efficently over longer distances with lower attenuation and interference

AC/DC Power

Deliver AC or DC power to a wide range of devices, including routers modems and IP cameras.


Can be buried underground, eliminating the need to install conduits or ducts, saving time and cost.

Protective Sheath

Protect fiber from dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors that could degrade signal quality.


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