300M Direct-Burial Fiber Optic Cable


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High tensile strength helps prevent fiber breakage, ensuring consistent performance
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Underground Cables without Conduits

Direct-burial fiber optic cables can be directly buried in the ground, which eliminates the need for additional protective conduits or ducts, saving installation time and costs. They are designed to offer increased durability and resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and physical damage. Constructed with stronger materials and protective coatings, direct-burial fiber optic cables ensure efficient signal transfer and minimize signal loss or disruptions.

Single-mode Fiber

Transmit signals more efficiently over longer distances, with lower attenuation and interference.

LC Connector

Equipped with LC connectors, it enables quick and easy connections, reducing installation time.

High Quality

100% factory-terminated, tested and certified for quality assurance, and made from high-tensile material.

Armor Members

Steel strengthen members protect the cable against physical stress, such as crushing or bending.

Rugged Outer Jacket

Provide extra protection against elements like rodents, abrasion, moisture, and extreme temperatures.


Can be buried underground, eliminating the need to install conduits or ducts, saving time and cost.


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