20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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Upgrade your off-grid solar system and experience optimal performance

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Make the Most Out of Solar Energy

If you’re looking to maximize your solar energy harvesting, an MPPT solar charge controller is a must-have to maximize solar harvest and prevent battery power leakage. It ensures that the solar panels consistently operate at their maximum power output by tracking and adjusting the electrical load to match the optimal voltage level. Compared to traditional controllers, the MPPT solar charge controller can increase the efficiency of your solar power system by up to 30%. It can generate more electricity, improve charging efficiency and reduce the dependence on grid power.

Solar Control System

Include a 20A MPPT solar charge controller, pure copper battery cables and MC4 solar extension cables.

High Conversion Efficiency

Contribute to 15-20% higher efficiency with a max. conversion rate of 95% (tracking efficiency >99.9%).

Wide Operating Range

Support max. PV input power of 240/480W and max. input voltage of 55V; accept 12/24V battery voltage.

Integrated Thermal Management

Use the die-cast aluminum heat sink to transfer and dissipate the heat generated by the controller.

High Reliability

Over-voltage, short circuit, over-(dis)charge protection; battery temperature compensation function.

RS485 Communication

Allow the device to be monitored and controlled remotely, providing flexibility for system management.

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