12 Strands Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable 1000 Meters


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Eliminate the hassle of cable termination with our ready-to-use pre-terminated fiber cables
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Multi-Strand Fiber for Large Networks

Multi-strand fiber cables provide a cost-effective way to connect multiple network devices simultaneously through a protected pathway. They can better handle the high-traffic demands of large networks, which makes them ideal for complex network designs. In addition, multi-strand fiber cables also offer greater flexibility in terms of routing with staggered pigtails. They are highly versatile and can be used for different scenarios, such as workstations, data centers, and industrial device controls.

Multi Fiber Core

Equipped with 12 fiber strands, enabling multiple data streams to be transmitted simultaneously.

Pulling Eye

Help guide the cable into place and protect the fibers from being damaged during installation.

Single-mode Fiber

Transmit signals more efficently over longer distances with lower attenuation and interference

Quick Deployment

Feature a plug-and-play setup, no splicing or termination needed, saving time and installation costs.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be buried directly underground using PVC conduits.

High Quality

100% factory-terminated, tested and certified for quality assurance, and made from high-tensile material.


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