12 Strands Direct-Burial Fiber Optic Cable 300 Meters


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Designed to withstand environmental factors such as moisture, physical stress and abrasion

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Understanding Direct-Burial Fiber Optic Cable

Direct-burial fiber optic cable is a type of cable that is specifically designed to be buried underground without the need for a protective conduit or duct. The rugged design ensures it can withstand moisture, temperature fluctuations and physical stresses, maintaining reliable signal transmission. It’s commonly used in situations where overhead or indoor installation is not feasible or practical. To ensure optimal performance, strategic installation guidelines must be followed, specifying specific burial depths and spacing requirements.

12 Core Fiber

Support 12x channels or data streams simultaneously, ideal for applications requiring high bandwidth.

Single Mode Fiber

Transmit signals more efficiently over longer distances, with lower attenuation and interference.

LC Connector

Swiftly connect and disconnect with LC connectors, ensuring a quick, plug-and-play setup.

Staggered Pigtails

Ensure the connection points are spread out and not concentrated in one area, minimizing cable strain.

Strength Members

Provide added protection to the cable by enhancing its resistance to crushing, pulling, and bending.

Direct-Buried Installation

Eliminate the need for installing additional underground infrastructure such as conduits or ducts.


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