10G 30W 802.3at PoE+ Midspan Injector

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Convenient and safe solution to mix PoE and non-PoE devices over single Ethernet cable

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30W 802.3at PoE+ Midspan Injector can add the power to Ethernet cable and transmit PoE with up to 30W power and 10G bandwidth to edge IP devices.

There is no need to buy an expensive PoE switch or install electrical wiring and outlets in hard to reach locations. Both power and data are running over signal Ethernet cable which makes the installation convenient and cost-saving.


30W PoE Injection

Inject 30W high power to the existing main network system to get PoE+ transmission for high power PoE devices.

10G PoE Port

Supports 1G/2.5G/5G/10 Gigabit Ethernet network speed, satisfying high network speed requirements with less latency.

Safe Connection

With power handshaking to verify the edge device, overload protection, carrier grade surge protection.

Easy to Use

Transparent to the network protocols and Mac address, does no harm to the original main network system..


Compatible with IEEE802.3af/at standard, PoE/PoE+; no additional AC outlet required near the connected PDs.

Easy and Flexible Installation

Palm-sized, with built-in power supply, plug-and-play, wall mounting, desktop mounting.

LED Indicators

Display the current status of the device intuitively, and give convenience to quick diagnose.

  • Q: Does the injector need to be plugged in the power?
  • A: Yes, the injector need to be plugged in a power outlet. That is how the Ethernet cable getting the power from.

  • Q: Can I use one network cable to supply power and data or will I need two network cables?
  • A: One network cable. The injector will add the power to the same cable you were using to transport the data.

  • Q: Can I connect a normal POE device to a POE+ port of this switch?
  • A: Yes, this injector is back-forward compatible with PoE. The injector will detect current feedback from normal PoE device to determine whether it is PoE or PoE+.

  • Q: Can the injector be used in the extreme environment?
  • A: No, the working temperature is 0℃~40℃. However, the industrial-grade splitter can be used in the extreme environment outdoor.

  • Q: Do I need a PoE injector for each IP camera I need to connect and power?

    A: Yes, one PoE injector for one IP camera.

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    Utilize PoE for Non-PoE

    PoE is a straightforward technology that transmits power and data via a network cable to the PoE-compatible devices, which highly reduces the installation and labor costs in building or expanding a network system.Read more


    3 reviews for 10G 30W 802.3at PoE+ Midspan Injector

    1. Kimberly

      This power injector is compact and easy to mount to plywood backer. Two mounting tabs on each side. Excellent alternative to use with gigabit non-poe switch for cctv cameras installations.

    2. Ricky Bobadilla

      Hey it is a good price! Cool device when you need more than one POE device. Make sure that wattage is not exceeded by your devices and you are good to go. I would defiantly use this again if I needed a multi port POE injector.

    3. Langley

      Inexpensive POE injector that does its job. I’m using it to power a Reolink security camera in my detached garage–the POE NVR for the camera is in the house so I can’t use it for power, but I do have networking out in the garage. So data goes to the NVR in the house via the normal network and I power the camera from this injector.

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